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Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have dropped yet another track off their much anticipated Trench album, to be released this October 5.


As previously anticipated, “My Blood” doesn’t seem to follow the mysterious Trench saga initiated with the band’s first single “Jumpsuit“. The Banditos are nowhere to be seen in this new single from the band. No more rebellious gangs or figures in a red hoodie.


“My Blood” seems to take us back to those Blurryface days, when Joseph was facing far less imaginary demons. “Stay with me, no, you don’t need to run / Stay with me, my blood, you don’t need to run” Joseph sings in a high pitch falsetto, rendering even more vivid the daunting desperation recalled by the lyrics.


The song is a funky-rock offering, with fat bass-lines boosted by Dun’s drums’ roll and Joseph falsetto. Different from the previous tracks, it remains unclear if this one will open a new Trench saga.


What is sure is that Twenty One Pilots’ trademark sound is still in full display, so fans won’t be disappointed. The talented band has an inclination to branch out into different styles and genres, so after the bouncy and reggae “Nico And The Niners” or the more rap-inspired “Levitate“, this last song, that brings along a funky vibe, is a welcome new addition.


Listen to it below:




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