Twin Haus Releases Sophomore EP ‘Nothing Lavish’ | Music News

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Twin Haus Releases Sophomore EP ‘Nothing Lavish’ | Music News

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Twin Haus have released their new EP Nothing Lavish via Bedlam Records which was officially released on March 22 but you can find the stream below via SoundCloud. After the success of their debut EP, Waxen Myriad back in 2014, the new release is one that was definitely worth the wait.


The press release states: “Titled Nothing Lavish, the EP explores sprawling soundscapes, an articulate display of intricate musicality and expansive sonic journeys that transport you to another platform. In other words, this is Twin Haus at their best.


The band have pulled out all the stops to make this their most refined and most accomplished record yet. From 9 minute epics to dark, emotive numbers, Nothing Lavish is as expansive and experimental as it is meticulous and considered”.


To celebrate the release, the band will be embarking on their biggest tour yet, travelling the country for most of April and May. They will make their way through through capital cities and regional centres across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, as well as a quick stop in the nation’s capital.


Gaining continuous support as the band grow, the likes of Rolling Stones Australia said of the band:“Twin Haus prove themselves a band unafraid to merge off course into the far reaches of ambient, psych and noise”.




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