Twitter Is NOT Loving New ‘Come Dine With Me’ Format | TV News

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Twitter Is NOT Loving New ‘Come Dine With Me’ Format | TV News

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Come Dine With Me is one of my all-time favourite telly shows, and I’ve watched it since the very beginning. A personal highlight of mine is when one contestant made raspberry coulis by mixing jam with hot water – it was an absolute classic… pure TV gold. Since then, there’s been versions featuring celebrities, couples and celebrity couple – and they all seem to have gone done well with the viewers, helped in no small part by narrator Dave Lamb’s sharp, sarcastic commentary.


So when a new version of the show – Champion Of Champions – was rolled out yesterday (February 1), I can’t imagine for one minute that the show bosses were expecting such a backlash on social media. Fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure about the format changes. Host Dave Lamb (pictured above) has stepped in front of the camera, and the show is now less about the banter, and more about the cookery.


Louise M summed up what was missing from the new series: “arguments, rudeness, terrible food, weird houses, weird people”. These were the ingredients that made Come Dine so good, and elevated it above all those other, po-faced cookery shows. You can’t knock it for trying something different, but hopefully it’ll revert to its old format soon. Come Dine: Champion Of Champions continues on weekdays at 5pm on Channel 4.



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