Twitter Reacts To ‘Doctor Who – Series 9, Episode 10: Face The Raven’ | TV News

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Twitter Reacts To ‘Doctor Who – Series 9, Episode 10: Face The Raven’ | TV News


WARNING, this article contains spoilers! “Let me be brave. Let me be brave.” This Saturday, 4.48 million Whovains in the UK, (myself included), watched in despair and utter heartbreak as Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald met her demise; making her the first companion to die on screen in BBC’s Doctor Who for more than 30 years since, meaning she now joins the likes of poor Adric…


Thinking she could outsmart the chronolock (the countdown tattoo placed on Rigsy’s neck to lure the Doctor) she sadly failed; with her plan ultimately causing her death. For three series, 31 episodes and two regenerations, Clara stood alongside the Doctor; making Coleman’s character the longest serving companion since the show’s reboot in 2005.


However, a lot of questioning has accumulated over whether Clara is actually dead, personally I have my doubts. It was established in 2013’s The Name of the Doctor that she had scattered several versions of herself throughout history in order to save the Doctor and whilst it seemed the plot had been resolved, who’s to say there isn’t one last Clara copy out there somewhere?


It has been revealed though that Coleman has filmed one last scene for the show, starring as a waitress in an American-style diner; meaning fans will have one last chance to see the impossible girl on screen. Anyway, here’s the diner photo featured in Doctor Who Magazine and how Twitter reacted to Clara’s farewell:









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