Two Friends – Bandaid | Music Video


Two Friends have the best recipe for a broken heart. The Los Angeles based duo, made up of Eli Sones and Matthew Halper, is back with another of their bangers with the music video for their new single “Bandaid“.


The song is a pop/dance cute offering that deals with rebound and failed relationship. The DJs provide the perfect break-up anthem that most of us can relate to. Lines like “I’m only gonna use you/I’m not gonna lie/You’re just a bandaid for my heart/Till you vanish like these scars” paint a vivid picture of what it is like to mend your broken heart in the aftermath of a hard breakup.


Two Friends have a history of mixing up infectious and danceable sounds with deep-cut and emotional lyrics and this last single is the ultimate confirmation. After making it big thanks to their remixes of popular songs, the two have created an impressive original discography that is resonating with a wide public.


The bop is accompanied by an equally fun music video, that sees Sones and Halper dressed up as elderly women and hitting up the town and going on dates. As their dates don’t seem to be providing too much fun for the two grannies, they decide to put on a party and dance instead. Good choice, indeed.


Check out the music video below:




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