‘Two Lightning Bolts’ Is The New Single From The Midnight Club | Music News


The Midnight Club has just released their new single “Two Lightning Bolts” with a new video clip to match!


The band have a real passion for glam rock – a style of music from the 70’s characterised by a return to the simplicity of rock ‘n’ roll and a search for provocation – and are inspired by rock legends such as the likes of David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and T.Rex.


The band are also known for its impressive live performances, each one unique and different from the other. The exchange of energy between the band and the audience creates an electrifying and exciting experience.


Their new song “Two Lightning Bolts” is a purely glam-rock sound revisited with more modernity, the track talks about the burning passion in a new loving relationship. Through this music, the artists take the listener into the state of excitement that can be felt in a young loving relationship.


The video clip is filled with vibrant and electric colours that match the band’s image very well. These colours make us think that they are not chosen by chance because they also correspond very well to the passion and excitement of a new relationship.


Watch it below:




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