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Although there seems to be a lot of audience burnout towards the Transformers franchise – even though 2018’s Bumblebee was a temporary breath of fresh air – the movies have made too much money for any studio to walk away from the property. Grossing over $4 billion worldwide in total is impressive, no matter what you think of the films.


Thus it’s no surprise to hear that Paramount have two new Transformers films in the works. Two new scripts have been commissioned from two different screenwriters, each looking to extend the franchise in different directions.


James Vanderbilt (Murder Mystery, Ready Or Not) and Joby Harold (the upcoming Zack Snyder film Army Of The Dead) will each pen separate films. There’s not many details on the scripts right now, although reportedly one of them could be set in the Bumblebee universe, while the other may focus on revamping the original franchise with new characters.


After 2017’s The Last Knight, franchise auteur Michael Bay left and Paramount attempted a course correct with Bumblebee. It sort of worked, considering it was the best reviewed film of the series, but it didn’t make as much money as the previous instalments.


When you look at the box office totals of the Transformers movies, they’ve thoroughly declined as the series grew older. This is something Hollywood studios don’t want to hear, but maybe audiences are just sick of seeing the same films over and over? It’s hard to tell whether two new Transformers films will breathe life back into the franchise, or if audiences still feel jaded about the series.



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