Uffie Teases Comeback With New Music Planned For This Year | Music News



As one of the leading young electronic musicians, Uffie, was always set to take the music industry by storm. Her debut Pop the Glock back in 2006 was released on MySpace (remember that!) and earned her cult status along with an army of loyal fans. However the fame came to early and she took time out to live a normal life having attracted such a young market when she herself was just a kid.


But now she’s back! Her new music steps away from her usual Bloghouse genre and is the first new release from her since her 2010 debut album Sex Dreams and Denim Dreams. She reportedly scrapped an entire second album to distance herself from “the DJ scene”. Uffie is currently working on the album with The Walking Shapes guitarist Nathaniel Hoho and Ammar Malik. Ammar is a world-renowned writer who has worked with big stars like One Direction, Nick Jonas and Maroon 5. The new album is planned for this year and should be finished in time for the summer.



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