UK Rap Artist TCP Reveals Personal New Single ‘TO C ME’ | Music News


Rap Artist TCP from the UK has released his brand new track “TO C ME” most recently. The single is the 4th song he has ever released and offers a first insight into the personal thoughts of the young underground artist.


TCP’s sound belongs to classic rap and conscious hip-hop tunes with a tendency for lo-fi beats.
With “TO C ME” he wants to give the listeners a more personal insight into his world and his private thoughts – “thoughts that people may not be privy to“ he points out.


The inspiration to make this came from a place of often feeling misunderstood because I tend to keep most of the contents of my life in private, and that usually leads to people making different assumptions about you based on what you portray”, TCP says.


On “TO C ME”, the artist just let his thoughts flow and reveals his true self to the audience. “I am a young artist who is always growing and trying to find ways to make an impact on others by using my own life stories, experiences, beliefs and metaphors” TCP says about himself.


For him it’s really important to uphold the honesty and integrity, especially in his writing. Furthermore he tries to offer a balanced perspective and sees his music as a mirror of his life.


On his newest single “TO C ME”, you can truly feel that TCP shares his honest feelings. The song is underpinned by gentle ambient beats and relaxed piano sounds – just perfect for every chill-out hip-hop playlist! Listen to the song below.




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