UK Rapper Martius VII Releases New Single ‘Slide Through’

South London-raised and Filipino-born artist, Martius VII is coming back with a brand new single entitled “Slide Through”. It is the second song that the rapper has put out publicly.

The song is the perfect track for summer as well as for a nighttime drive. It is a song about meeting someone and then kicking it off with her and her friends, because of the theme Martius brought his friends on the track as well. The beat is slow and enjoyable creating a perfect mix and contrast with the rapper’s flow.

The beat for “Slide Through” was found while Martius VII was listening to instrumentals at night with his brother JVNX. After listening for a few seconds, Martius started to freestyle. After that, he contacted the creator of the beat Jayceon Private, that he knew him personally and loved his work, to propose a collaboration.

Martius has been rapping and making music with friends since he was 14. He created his own style with a fusion of the American and UK music scene that both influenced him. According to him, he embraces two kinds of styles a “Day Time and Night Time vibe.

For the future, as he has a lot of unrecorded tracks, he is planning to release new music every month and would like to release an EP by the end of the year – an idea he had since 2019. This Ep would be full of songs that you could listen to whatever your mood, going from heartbreak songs to upbeat dancehall music.

Listen to Martius VII second single “Slide Through” and stay tuned for his upcoming releases:


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