UK R&B Sensation Kadeem Tyrell Releases New Single ‘Simple Man’ | Music News


South London R&B sensation Kadeem Tyrell is back with a new single entitled “Simple Man” and it comes with its music video.


This is the first video of 2021 for Kadeem Tyrell and he appears like a ‘simple man’. It was directed by James Campayne. We only see Kadeem singing to the camera, breaking this third wall between the audience and musician creating an intimate atmosphere.


The singer is wearing a white Avirex jacket on a black background and wearing a black outfit with a black bucket hat on a white background.


Kadeem Tyrell is one of the UK music scene’s brightest stars and he has become an artist that you can’t miss mentioning when discussing the resurgence of R&B in the UK. He has established himself as a musician, songwriter and singer.


He is able to create feel-good music as well as giving incredible performance energy with his sound is mixing alternative soul and effortless R&B.


Since 2017, Kadeem Tyrell has been able to perfect his sound and released his first project in 2018, led by the R&B track “Let Me Know”, it put Kadeem in front of many R&B fans, and he followed it up in 2019, with his most successful single entitled “April 25th”, which cemented his place in the UK music scene.


The pandemic and lockdown have not altered his creativity, and he has taken part in campaigns for PUMA & Foot Patrol and was awarded The Momentum fund by PRS in order to put towards his highly anticipated project that will be released this year.


Watch the video for Kadeem Tyrell’s new single “Simple Man” here:




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