UK Singer Asha Gold Reveals New R&B Single ’Debut’ | Music News


After two trending singles, rising UK talent Asha Gold is returning with a new feel-good R&B single titled “Debut” which is also supposed to be the opening track for her upcoming first EP.


Asha grew up in the UK with an early influence of music. Because of her classical training in piano and drums she was able to compose in a young age. Her style is influenced by icons of her childhood – particularly Beyoncé!


This is mostly because of the values she stands for as feminism and race relations, which are very important to Asha as well. In her musician identity she was also influenced by H.E.R, Frank Ocean and of course her own Indian heritage.


Her latest track “Debut” was written during the quarantine on Zoom with her producer Mitch Jones and turned out to be Asha’s antidote for lockdown. The song spreads positive vibes caused by energetic percussion, dance-along rhythms and dancing piano lines.


It’s about falling in love for the first time, so it has this sense of innocence and sweetness throughout — navigating unfamiliar feelings, fighting those feelings off, and then eventually giving into them knowing they are genuine and not something to be scared of”, Asha says about the meaning behind “Debut”, which will be the opening track on her first EP.


This track kicks off the EP, and I love how the intro is reminiscent of the orchestra tuning before we began to play”, she adds. Listen to the feel-good R&B tune below!




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