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Unauthorised Tupac Biopic Made In China | Film News



For a long while now, there has been hopes that Hollywood would produce a Tupac Shakur movie, and now with the critical and commercial success of Straight Outta Compton , it would appear those hopes may become a reality, and indeed they are, just not how many would have thought. Steven Sheng, a Chinese filmmaker has already made a Tupac movie, titled Until the End of Time.


The very much unauthorised biopic centres around a young Chinese student who is assigned a history project where he must write about an activist, he chooses Tupac because he is listening to him in class. The student’s teacher then gives him the number of one of Tupac’s ex-girlfriends who, coincidentally, happens to be living in China. The student then goes on a journey learning about Tupac, which ultimately teaches him about life.


For those hoping to see a Hollywood biopic of Tupac, actor Marcc Rose, who played Tupac in Straight Outta Compton said recently he was working with Boyz N the Hood director John Singleton on bringing their own Tupac biopic to the big screen. For those interested in watching the trailer fot Until the End of Time , watch below.




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