Upcoming Canadian Rapper Chynaa Drops New Mixtape | Music News

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Upcoming Canadian Rapper Chynaa Drops New Mixtape | Music News

Upcoming Canadian rapper Chynaa


I’ve known about 19 year old rapper Chynaa for years now. This dedicated and musically inclined creative never stops working, his 3rd 2015 mixtape, I Love This Vibe VOL 1 highlights this. Since watching him grow and improve this project was, literally, music to my ears. From his refreshing singing voice to his chilled out vibe, what isn’t there to love?! This 10 track tape is filled with easy listening tunes that make you want to listen on.


Once I had finished my I Love This Vibe experience the desire to listen on had turned into the desire to listen again, this is a fantastic quality for a mixtape to possess. The multiple Interludes allow you thinking time before the remaining songs continue, these are used and spaced out very well. When I asked Chynaa what he felt about his newest release he told me, “I feel its the best body of work I’ve ever made in my short career and I feel I’ve found my sound on this project. I know there’s more to come with this“.


His listeners will be delighted with that statement, I know I am. But what inspired him to make this mixtape? Chynaa said “I was inspired by my summer experiences with my friends and that comes with the good times and bad times which can be clearly heard in my music. When an artist can bring real experiences and put that into his music that only means theres no limits to their sonic sound“.


A track that stood out to me was “Tell U”, the Canadian rapper undoubtedly resembled another Canadian rapper who goes by the name of Drake. (You might’ve heard of him…) People from the 6 sure make fire songs. To sum up this mixtape and the artist in a few words, professional, experimental, influenced and creative. You’ve been warned, this explosive rapper is ready to blow up, stand back and watch as we see Chynaa continue to flourish.




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