US President Joe Biden Announces Historic Climate Change Plan | Politics


After his presidential inauguration that was closely followed worldwide, US President Joe Biden is announcing his climate change plans for his mandate. Many countries as well as many Americans are expecting a lot from this plan. Because of the current ecologic situation, the change toward a greener planet is essential for future generations.


This announce was very anticipated after former US President Donal Trump put several non-environmental friendly measures in place during his term. America continues to use many materials that are not the best for the earth, including less natural materials.


In this new Biden plan, there are many goals that hopefully the President will be able to complete before the next election. for the world, it is better so that the next American President cannot try to cancel all these good measures. For Biden’s presidency, ecology is as important as economy.


Joe Biden already rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement on his first day of presidency, and a special office at the Health and Human Services department is planned to be created specifically for health and climate, as well as a separate justice office dedicated to the environment in the Justice department.


There are so many measures that the President wants to take, so let’s try and review them. One the most urgent and consequent one is to vaccinate as many people as possible against the virus COVID-19, to continue to make new jobs and especially in this pandemic time, reconnect Americans with a greener economy.


Another important measure is to incite more and more federal agencies and departments to use electricity that is pollution-free, zero-emission vehicles, and go for hybrid or electric cars, and to stop any other entry of oil or natural gas coming from an offshore land.


Of course for that climate change battle, Joe Biden is hiring the best of the best regarding economy and ecology. Gina McCarthy, John Kerry and Rep. Deb Haaland were all invited to join this new climate journey and many more experts or former White House employees who know the issues well.


The main goal is to build a infrastructure that will be sustainable and modern. If the plan goes ahead, it would cost the country over 2 trillion dollars. We can only hope for the best because if America can become greener then so does the world.



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