US Rapper Duhon Unveils Latest Track ‘Keep N’ Mind‘ | Music News


California based rap artist Duhon has shared his new autotune song titled “Keep N’ Mind”, released by Patient Nation Records.


Duhon is a young musician who is representing the rather unknown town Menifee in California. His style is a contemporary, modern understanding of rap music with autotune hooks. But nevertheless he is blurring boarders between this new era of rap and classics of the golden age, by combining both in his tracks.


In songwriting Duhon offers classic real talk, paired with professional skills and designer style. He already has released great hits that gained a lot of international attention.


His collaboration with Mark Akol & J Clu for “Everytime” was even featured on Spotify’s editorial playlist and his single “Hustle & Grind” earned a place on influencer Patrickcctv’s list of the hottest songs of the year.


Furthermore he started into 2020 with the vibrant sound of “Terror Dome” – an eclectic single that shows all his rapping skills. After his summer tune “Commencement” which offered a further insight into Duhon’s wants and desires after just graduating college, the young talent is returning with a new thoughtful, relaxing rap tune.


“Keep N’ Mind” begins with a smooth guitar, followed by rich vocals and a chilled out melody – just perfect for driving with the car while thinking about life. Listen to the relaxed rap tune with catchy lyrics and a bassy melody below!




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