US Soul Duo Dani W + Drew Release New Single ‘Canada’

New soul duo Dani W + Drew’s new single is out now and you don’t want to miss it! “Canada” was written in an ambulance turned tour van named Luci. On the road to Canada, the official music video for the song shares actual footage from their travels. It also features a violin solo from a Canadian artist named Kinley Dowling.

Their debut single “Tell Me How You Really Feel” was first heard in Ava DuVernay’s show Cherish The Day but if you haven’t heard of it, the show is on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN TV series and the show’s co-writer Raynelle Swilling recently won a 2020 NAACP Image Award for the series.

Alongside the release of “Canada”, Dani W + Drew are currently in the studio writing and recording their debut album. They will also be launching a few live shows on Twitch soon. Dani is of Afro-Asian heritage and grew up in Los Angeles, while Drew is from Texas with Mexican and Native American roots.

Leading up to the release of “Canada”, Dani W + Drew are sharing their virtual e-tour experience up the west coast, stopping in 5 major cities through a unique virtual gallery and social media e-tour experience. If you want more information about what they’re doing and their whereabouts, follow them on social media, where they share exclusive content behind the scenes on Instagram and Facebook.

Listen to “Canada” here:


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