Utah Singer-Songwriter Richard Taylor Epperson Releases ‘Living Within My Thoughts’

After releasing numerous albums and singles throughout his musical career, Salt Lake City, Utah-based singer-songwriter Richard Taylor Epperson has garnered praise for his depth and heartfelt songwriting.

As of August 2022, almost ten years after starting his career as a professional independent artist, it is evident that this is the case. His art and technique continually advance whenever he makes a comeback with fresh material.

Epperson engulfs you in the emotional, restless night that leaves you wondering what went wrong, as the musician shifts between genres on his upcoming album A Wandering Mind, which feature the optimistic “Take It Slow” and “A Beautiful Day”, as well as the lo-fi minimalist “So Stuck on You”, with Epperson channeling his inner singer-songwriter all through.

“Living Within My Thoughts,” the album’s final track, blends all of Epperson’s various musical influences—acoustic, electronic, and rock—into a melancholy, gorgeous, chaotic finale.

According to Epperson, “it is one of the most meaningful songs that I’ve ever written. Sometimes we get lost within our own thoughts and that can be very confusing and lonely place. With the lyrics having so much meaning behind them, it was important to try to match the intensity of the music to reflect that conflicted emotion”.

Epperson, who comes from a long line of musicians, learned to play the bass and keyboard as a child. With a strong desire to become a professional musician, he recorded all the instruments on his debut album himself, except the drums.

The Salt Lake City singer-songwriter has garnered recognition for his depth and sincere songwriting following several albums and singles over the past ten years, through which Epperson has advanced throughout his career, as seen by each move he has made.

Listen to “Living Within My Thoughts” below!


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