Valeree – Masochist | Music Video

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Valeree – Masochist | Music Video


Megan Mortenseen, better known as her stage name, Valeree, is a Los Angeles-based Soul Pop artist. On October 25, she has released her debut single titled “Masochist“ with is the first of a series of five singles to be release over the coming months.


She takes inspiration from her struggle with substance abuses while she spent time at rehabilitation facilities in the Los Angeles Area.


Throughout that time, she played gig and turned to writing songs as form of therapeutic self-reflection. At 23, she is now collaborating with songwriter Adam Allison for her debut EP.


Together they wrote “Masochist”, a soulful doo-wop throwback tune with a modern twist, which blends together her struggles with substance abuse and her cyclical behaviors in romantic relationships.


On it, she makes fun of her own struggles encompass a fun and upbeat vibe alongside dark and depressing subject matter.


Masochist is essentially a song about fucking myself over. Sorry if I’m not supposed to say that. It’s about a craving to be with people who are bad for you just for the sake of making you feel something“, she said about the track.


The single is accompanied by a music video directed by Christian York. Discover Valeree on a downward spiral from a candle lit dinner table to the floor of a Los Angeles alleyway.


Watch the video for “Masochist” here:




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