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Originally from Pittsburgh, singer and songwriter Valeree has recently released her latest single “Any Other Way“.


She has been creating her own soul style, citing among her influences Etta James, Otis Redding, Amy Winehouse, and R&B artist H.E.R.. Valeree released her debut single “Masochist” in 2019 and she has more tracks to drop in early 2020.


Her newest single “Any Other Way” is a song for anyone who has ever had to deal with addiction, whether it is related to drugs, to a person or to a toxic situation. The 24 year old artist wrote about her private experience of being in a relationship with a guy who was bad for her and that was leading her deeper into alcohol consumption and an excessive life.


“Any Other Way” is about the excitement of the fun nights together but it is also about how exhausting and unbearable a toxic relationship can be. Addiction can have many different forms, which often find their place in Valeree’s intense lyrics.


She had struggled with substance abuse in the past and she found in songwriting not only a form of “therapeutic self-reflection” but also a cathartic way out of her “addiction“, that she defined as a “a complicated beast”.


This sincere and soulful rock track that will certainly captivate your mind.


Listen to it here:




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