Vampire Weekend’s Rostam On Band’s Next Album And New Solo Single | Music News



Rostam Batmanglij from American band Vampire Weekend has recently released a solo track called “EOS”, which he said was inspired by a picture he took while traveling in Jaisalmer, India. The song is already available to download and the track’s animated video can be watched below.


Apart from his solo projects, Rostam also spoke to Pitchfork about the next Vampire Weekend‘s album, which, unfortunately, will not come anytime soon. Indeed the musician has said that it is too early for a new record, but he added: “I’m always making beats, and when I can hear Ezra singing on one of them in my head, I send it to him. That’s one of the ways that we’ve always worked together”.


Their latest work, 2013’s Modern Vampires of the City, has received widespread acclaim from the critics and it also earned the band a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album.




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