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Vancouver all-girl band NADUH has released a new single titled “CHAPSTICK”. Produced by TARANEH and written by all five members, the lyrics use the often-used lines in male hip hop, with the band offering a queer rendition from the perspective of women having the power and energy to attract other women.


The song is all about a relationship, attracting others, where both genders are included, where games become dangerous for both sides. NADUH, singing as the woman in the relationship, shows her man how easy it can be to seduce, love someone else and be with someone else.


Nearly saying that you can attract others, it might be helpful for the two in the relation, that both can be relieved of a certain weight. A real rap love song, where each of the members brings something very unique to the track and to all vibe.


The band NADUH makes songs that are representative of their queer, femme, and tomboy identities as they dance between themes of empowerment and juicy realness. NADUH is composed of TARANEH from her real name Tee Krispil, Jenny Lea, Rosita Alcantara, Giorgi Holiday, and Larisa Marie.


They write, engineer, and produce all of their music, meaning they have made sounds that are truly representative of their own band energy, but they also come with some heavy influences from 90’s R&B, soul, and modern hip-hop.


As the group explains, “For us, it isn’t about being overtly provocative just for the sake of it. Every time we reference our sexuality through our music, it’s a reclamation of our autonomy as empowered women. It isn’t always easy for us to be so open, but it’s a part of our growth journey to be able to free ourselves of shame, to embody and embrace our sexuality“.


The group and their unique vibe are going to go far in the music industry.


Watch the music video for “CHAPSTICK” here:




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