Vanessa Hudgens Talks ‘Grease: Live’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ | TV News

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Vanessa Hudgens Talks ‘Grease: Live’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ | TV News



Unlike Hollywood you don’t get twenty takes to get it right, in theatre you only get one. The fundamental difference between film and stage acting, is that stage acting is done in front of a live audience. So memorizing your lines and remembering your cue is key, otherwise you risk getting chastised for your mistake.


On top of that there are countless other things that can go wrong during a live performance, which can make it a totally distressing albeit rewarding experience. In fact, it’s got Vanessa Hudgens, who is set to play Rizzo in the upcoming Grease: Live, on edge.


She expressed some of her concerns to Jimmy Kimmel when she stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday. Kimmel was the one to ask her if she was nervous about the upcoming production, and Hudgens revealed that she hadn’t been until that very day.


During a run through of Sandra Dee, Hudgens had accidentally stepped onto a bench and flipped it over mid-song – knocking herself over in the process. Luckily enough this isn’t her first stage experience, she has just finished her first Broadway run Gigi, which proved to be good preparation as it threw her several curve balls, including glasses breaking on stage and actors improvising lines.


Hudgens also spoke about the tone of the upcoming show, and working with Didi Conn who played Frenchy in the 1978 film. Also, Hudgens can do an extremely impressive Didi Conn imitation – which you need to check out. Well, she might be worried, but I’m fully confident that her Rizzo will be on point! Watch the interview below:




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