‘Vax Live’ Concert Raises Over $302 Million To Help Global Vaccine Rollout | Music News


Over the weekend, on May 8, Vax Live: The Concert To Reunite The World took place, with a goal of raising money for global vaccines against COVID-19. Thanks to the event, the organizers Global Citizen collected over $302 million for their vaccination plans! It will prove to be a great help for any institutions that vaccinate and generally worldwide, provided 26 million vaccination doses.


‘Vax Live’ went big with appearances from US President Joe Biden and even royalty with Prince Harry. We also had some artists who performed live, such as Jennifer Lopez, Eddie Vedder, Foo Fighters, J Balvin, as well as H.E.R.


The event was also supported by an all-star host, speakers and appearances to raise the most for their cause, with Selena Gomez hosting the concert, while Ben Affleck, Chrissy Teigen, Jimmy Kimmel, Sean Penn and David Letterman all appeared as guest speakers.


As we know, concerts are still very fragile to have in most countries, so ‘Vax Live’ was one of the largest events to take place in Southern California since the coronavirus pandemic began last year. We can only hope that more and more concerts like that can take place everywhere.


Here the goal, as we stated, was to raise money for the vaccines, but also to make people understand that without the vaccination, normal life will be hard to return to.



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