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Following the news last week of Sony fastracking the solo Venom movie following Spider-Man’s jump to Marvel, fans were left wondering what sort of form the stand-alone film would take. Well we may have an idea and it’s potentially very exciting.


A production listing for the film not only indicated that it would begin shooting this autumn, but the genre was also described as sci-fi horror. With Sony attempting to build their own Spider-Man universe despite the absence of Spider-Man, they may have decided to get creative.


Perhaps instead of rolling out MCU clones, they’ve thought outside the box and decided to purvey Venom in a world that best suits him.


The idea of a Venom sci-fi horror is tantalising, and also creates the illusion that, following the R-rated success of Deadpool and Logan, the film will also aim to engorge on bloodlust and violence the way few other comic book adaptations have had the chance to do. If Sony wants to distinguish its universe from other burgeoning ones, this would be the way to go.


Of course, the film is a long way off, set for an October 5, 2018 release, so plenty can change until then, and fans will be wary of getting excited considering the disappointment they felt with Venom’s appearance in Spider-Man 3, played by Topher Grace.


Let’s hope Sony recognises the excitement this one production listing generated among fans and runs with it.



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