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VENUS GRRRLS are a 5-piece female rock band from Leeds. Their purpose is to advocating women in alternative music and a more diverse music scene.


It’s composed of Grace Kelly (lead vocal), Jess Ayres (lead guitar), Hannah Barraclough (bass), Grace Stubbings (synth) and Gabby Cooke (drums).


They use hard hitting rock and punk influenced music to bring a positive energy of feminism and activism. They’ve performed alongside bands such as Stealing Sheep at Her Music PR & Brighter Sound’s Her Fest. The band creates refreshing and unique electro-rock sound, which is combined with a classic punk attitude.


Halfway 2 Nowhere have written about them: “it will not be long before they are both the figure for Britih female rock music and one day, British punk-rock”. Also, VENUS’ aims is to create more understanding of women’s rights on art platform.


They’ve already released 2 tracks, and the third one has just been shared on November 1. Titled “Freaky Friday” it’s packed with the biggest dynamic range of the band’s abilities so far.


Lead singer GK says about the track: “It’s the most emotionally earring and intimate ge we’e released. Not even just lyrically, but musically, we wanted each member of the band to have their own moment within the song and express their anguish”.


“Freaky Friday”s purpose seems to be to liberate from toxic variants in their lives. Listen to it below.



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