Vera Wang’s ‘Handmaid´s Tale’ Inspired Line | Fashion News

Vera Wang RTW Spring 2018


Vera Ellen Wang who is an American fashion designer of Chinese descent, has released a surprisingly different fashion line. Her clothing line is inspired by an intriguing dystopian world view described in the Margaret Atwood novel, “The Handmaid´s Tale”.


She describes the story of her fashion line saying that it: “enabled [her] to envision the clothes in a different proportion and context.” The designer’s aesthetic is powerful glamour from the interplay of feminine and masculine. Over 80% of the line is in black compared to other designers that use more lively and uplifting colours that reflects on the season of spring/summer. This also gives the clothing another expression of toughness and darkness, and makes the details even more wide and clear of the style she is trying to draw attention to.


She also incorporated metal mesh and a rare display of skin.


See some of Vera Wang´s fashion line below here:












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