Versace And Furla Go Fur Free | Fashion News

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Versace And Furla Go Fur Free | Fashion News


Italian fashion brand Versace and handbag and accessories maker Furla have said that they would stop using real fur in their creations, joining a growing list of luxury labels turning their backs on the fur industry.



Fashion houses around the world are bowing to pressure and using alternatives to real fur amid pressure from animal rights groups and changing tastes of younger customers, who are increasingly aware of the environmental issues linked with the clothes they buy.


Donatella Versace, artistic director and vice-president of Versace, has said that she did not want to kill animals to make fashion and that “it doesn’t feel right,”.



People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals‘ (PETA) Senior Vice President Dan Mathews said in an emailed statement that it was “a major turning point in the campaign for compassionate fashion,” adding that he looked forward to seeing a “leather-free Versace next.”



Italian fashion group Gucci said in October that it would stop using fur in its designs from its Spring/Summer 2018 collection, joining Armani, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.


British designer Stella McCartney has long followed a so-called “vegetarian” philosophy, shunning not only fur but also leather and feathers.





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