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Founded in 1978, Versace is one of the most prestigious fashion houses and a global symbol of Italian luxury. One of its many arms, which launched a few years ago to bring together haute couture and design, Versace Home, has opened its first boutique in Milan in collaboration with Interni Spa.


The store is located in Via Durini, which is nicknamed the “design street“, where luxury, design and flashy spirit come together in the 500 square meters of an old palazzo.


The new flagship store of Versace Home is designed like a real home. From the dining room and master bedroom, to the living room and even the garden, everything is done to feel the elegance of Versace in every room of the house.


Behind this original layout, is the famous Italian architectural firm Vudafieri Saverino Partners.


The products presented by the brands will allow us to add a touch of elegance to our homes. We find the details dear to Versace, such as their signature motifs in every nook and cranny. The Versace “V” is instantly recognizable and can be seen on various pieces of furniture.


The furniture found at Versace Home is covered with baroque patterns, multiple details and shimmering colors. The iconic colors of Versace of yellow, black and white are highlighted as well, in addition to fuchsia or powder pink, which can be found on several pieces.


Art is also in the spotlight with decorations such as statues, which denote with the modern decor in rooms.


You can take a look at the new Versace Home store right here:




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