Verse Simmonds + Pitbull + Akon + Ayo Jay – In My Feelings (Remix) | New Music


Verse Simmonds, Pitbull and Akon all on one track? Well I don’t know how but Mr. Simmonds has managed to pull it off. “In My Feelings” is the remix to Verse’s song and it definitely has a pop/dance sound I never anticipated from him.


Each artist gets their chance to be in their feelings in this new track. This has major potential to be a hit and I do feel Verse may be doing this kind of track track for that sole reason. That doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a good track and will definitely get the attention of non-RNB fans.


My favourite part of the song is Akon’s. It is quite refreshing to hear him sing again and I think this was a good song for him to re-emerge on the scene.


Check it out:




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