Vetements Goes Full ‘Matrix’ Style For Spring/Summer 2022 Collection | Fashion News


Vetements presented its new Spring / Summer 2022 collection last week, serving a series of 129 silhouettes, which plunges us into the future. The founders of the Swiss label, Demna and Guram Gvasilia have crafted an impressive number of looks for this collection.


Speaking to Vogue, the brand’s co-founder based the collection off of the questions: “What is reality today? We live in this 2D world; the question is when you scroll through Instagram, is it Photoshopped or is it real? Do we consume the Internet or does it consume us?


For this collection, they play on the superposition to create imposing silhouettes. This atmosphere projects us directly into a sci-fi film. There are also pieces with the brand’s signature broad shoulders, which are interposed on jackets, coats, but also on dresses in a mixture of lightness and rigor, which is also manifested by repeated patterns.


Elsewhere on the collection, we see a more relaxed style, which includes jeans, T-shirts, or even jackets, we discover humorous phrases such as: “Hotter Than Your Ex, Better Than Your Next” and “The Devil Doesn’t Wear Prada”.


This Vetements collection has used sustainably extracted materials as well as new techniques such as 3D printing in order to develop unique designs of their kind, while being environmentally friendly.


The three Vetements Instagram posts that advertised the huge collection misspelled the brand’s name as VTEMETNES, and even created an Instagram page with this wrong spelt name VTEMETNES perhaps in a bid to draw us all into their Matrix world.


In any case, we really appreciated this Matrix-themed collection. You can take a look at some of the looks below:




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