Vibbar – Bellerin | Music Video


The Vibbar collective have brought a creative flair like no other to the UK scene since they first came through. It’s been a bit of a while but return once again with some clean cut visuals for a new song – “Bellerin


With production being handled by TJ Confect, we are treated to two very different worlds. While the tracks kicks off with a scandalous drill vibe, the beat gets suddenly flipped on its head for a sample-heavy hip-hop finish. Matching the track, the first half of the video is shot on the estate in tracksuits. The second half is set on the cobbled streets, where suits are the attire.


Poet, Jordy and Pep from the crew drop some infectious raps over this uniquely yet well executed instrumental. Yet the visuals for the track, courtesy of Yinka, Courtney J. Bennett and Dumas really bring a fresh aesthetic.




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