Vibe And Killer Frost For Season 2 Of ‘The Flash’? | TV News


The Flash series finale cruelly teased us with possibility of Caitlin Snow becoming the frosty villainess Killer Frost and it seems we can expect more in series 2, but perhaps even more excitingly fans can expect to see Cisco Ramone growing into his own super heroic role as Vibe. In a recent DC All Access, Danielle Panabaker, who plays Caitlin, left no doubt that she’d be showing off some cold-based powers pretty quickly saying “Yes. You will see Killer Frost very soon, actually”.


Carlos Valdes who plays Cisco however teased the audience saying; “I can say that some questions about the Vibe mythology will be answered. That’s all I’m going to say”. Watch the entire DC All Access video below to see more with Panabaker, Valdes, Grant Gustin and other cast members for even more Flash spoilery goodness.




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