‘Victor Frankenstein’ Box Office Results Are… Horrifying | Film News

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‘Victor Frankenstein’ Box Office Results Are… Horrifying | Film News



Apparently, a great, young and famous cast is not the right formula to smash the box office, as Victor Frankenstein is proving these days. During its opening weekend, the film, starring beloved actors James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliff, has grossed as little as $1 million nationwide. If you think that the budget to make the movie was $40 million, you do realize how disappointing those results are.


Despite the classic story being retold many times, the movie, which focuses on Igor’s point of view, had the opportunity to show us an interpretation of Mary Shelley‘s story yet to be seen; unfortunately though, the released date, originally set for October 2014, continued to be pushed back, until it landed on November 2015, more than a year after the original date.


Not only had the hype for the release been vacillated with such a wait, but the movie had to face this year’s tough competition, with the long-awaited release of The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 2, the new Disney Pixar work The Good Dinosaur and the Rocky spin-off Creed. Having the world’s most famous wizard and Professor X in the movie did not help boost its tragic results, which can change only if a new interest towards the film arises. But will it?



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