Victoria Beckham Is Working On A Skin Care Products Line | Fashion News


The fashion designer Victoria Beckham has announced the development of her own skin care products line with the idea of creating those that, she considers, are missing on the market.


Beyond the impeccable style that Victoria Beckham is known for, there is something that fascinates the whole world: her beauty routine. We know the keys to her famous haircut, but what does she eat to have the perfect skin and even what moisturizer does she always have in the purse?



So, bearing in mind the attraction that generates any small beauty tip that she shares, the creation of her own skin-care line was only a timely question.


As Refinery29 reports, this week Victoria Beckham announced the news through Facebook Live that she is developing a line of skin care products, and she is even playing with the possibility of throwing also her own perfume.


It is not the first time that the designer gets in the cosmetics creation, last year she launched a successful special makeup line in collaboration with Estée Lauder in addition to helping her husband, retired footballer David Beckham, to release his own line of masculine cosmetics, House 99.






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