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Victoria’s Secret has released a new collection of bralettes. The launch got the golden treatment with Angels, Martha Hunt, Taylor Hill and Elsa Hosk bringing a live stream from Flagship Victoria’s Secret store, Herald Square.




Taylor sported a short black leather skirt, embellished with metal suds, teamed with a white lacey shirt. Meanwhile Elsa wore a monochrome number of loosely flared white trousers, with a low cut black top framing a pretty white lace bralette. Whilst Hunt similarly wore monochrome, this time a long white skater skirt and a simple black top.


In an interview with Fashionista, Martha said: “I think it makes so much sense! It’s very innovative for Victoria’s Secret and I hope we got the word out there about the bralettes, they’re so cool”.


The Angels are rumoured to be delighted by the new collection, a casual style they have been pressing for, for chilled days.



Taylor Hill



Elsa Hosk



Martha Hunt



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