View – Coldest Season | Music Video



Finnish rapper View has released the visuals for his new single “Coldest Season” which you can find below. The visuals are made by the collaboration of View’s producer Joonas Laaksoharju and Matti Vesanen. “The idea for the visuals was to keep the minimalistic and dark mood as in View’s earlier videos”, explains Vesanen, whilst Laaksoharju comments: “Most of the videos I have directed are for songs that I also produced. I can bring the feeling and atmosphere we had in the studio, making the song into the actual video”.


View says of the first single from the album:


“It’s a song about the changes that I’ve been through in the past year” he explains, exploring how his life has changed since the release of his first EP ‘Avalon’ and how he is discovering his musical identity, free from external pressures. As he reveals, “the core of the song is about me doing what I want, not what I’m expected to do”.



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