Villanelle Is Back With a Vengeance In ‘Killing Eve’ Season 2 Teaser | TV Trailer



Killing Eve is back!


Killing Eve was one of 2018’s biggest shows. Penned by Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller Bridge, the assassin comedy/drama was one of the most watched shows on iPlayer last year.


The series stars Jodie Comer as the witty and ruthless assassin Villanelle, and Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri, the M15 officer who slowly becomes obsessed with tracking her down. The sharp writing and stellar performances from the stars made Killing Eve, as the trailer puts it, our “obsession”.


The teaser trailer entitled ‘Addicted’ picks up from the killer cliff hanger of the first season, with Villanelle having vanished after being stabbed by Eve.


We see Eve panic that she “might have killed her” and Villanelle falling from her hospital bed, then walking the streets in some very funky pyjamas. After her injury, however, we see that Villanelle wastes no time in getting back to work as our favourite brutal killer.


It’s obvious that Eve and Villanelle still have an obsession with each other, with Eve opening a box of flowers that spell out her name- and Waller-Bridge’s flawless blend of comedy and thriller is a thrill to see again.


Killing Eve series 2 will air on BBC America on 7th April but the U.K air date is yet to be announced.


Catch the trailer below:




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