‘War And Peace’ Episode 6 | TV Review

war and peace


The final episode managed to mostly tie up all loose ends, a difficult task considering the number of main characters in the series.


Chaos ensues as Napoleon marches through Moscow, looting and killing as he goes. Most Russians flee the city, including the Rostovs seeking shelter elsewhere. They come across an unexpected travelling companion, to the surprise of Natasha.


While this is happening Pierre is in Moscow, he has gone half mad from his experience in battle, throwing caution to the wind. Part of his manic behaviour is to try and assassinate Napoleon. This plan soon becomes unrealistic as Pierre gets captured and makes a journey that will surely end in his death as winter sets in.


This final episode was slightly longer which was needed in order for the series to end appropriately. There are a lot of quick deaths, some unexpected for those who do not know the story. As years pass by quickly in this last episode, in the end everyone is happy, despite the trying times they have all experienced. There a few minutes of joy right at the end, absent from most other episodes.


There have been good and bad things about this mini-series. It is clear that there needed to be more episodes to tell the story coherently. Despite this, it did the best it could with only six episodes, under the wrong direction or different writers it could have been a different story. The majority of performances were excellent. Jessie Buckley, Lily James and James Norton gave terrific portrayals of difficult, and often unlikeable characters.


“Things have a way of turning out for the best just when you least expect it.”



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