Warner Bros Apologizes To Sony Over Derogatory ‘Foxcatcher’ Twitter Message | Film News


Sony Pictures have had enough social media drama after real life Foxcatcher character Mark Schultz raged at how director Bennet Miller portrayed the relationship between him and millionaire sponsor John du Pont. Now it seems Warner Brother have had some apologizing to do after an unidentified consultant of theirs set up a Twitter account and left a derogatory message about Sony’s latest film Foxcatcher starring Steve Carrell and Channing Tatum.


According to Variety, the Twitter account named ‘WB Digital’ tweeted about the issues Sony were having over Mark Schultz’s social networking rage, in a derogatory and negative manner. Warner Brothers responded immediately by asking that the account be suspended until further action could be taken. Once it became clear that this was indeed work of a Warner Bros consultant, they released the following statement below. The consultant has sine been released from his employment. Also starring Mark Ruffalo, Sienna Miller and  Vanessa Redgrave; Foxcatcher arrives in theatres on January 17th.


“The retweet was posted as a general entertainment story, but posting anything that can be seen as a negative comment about one of our competitors is totally unacceptable and contrary to our operating policies. As Sue Kroll, President, Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution, said earlier today: ‘Warner Bros. simply does not do business that way’. The suspended Twitter account will not be reactivated and the consultant is no longer in our employ. We apologize to our friends at Sony” – Warner Bros.



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