Warner Bros. Assigns New Writers To ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel | Film News


With Warner Bros. making plenty of changes to everything related to DC in order to get their cinematic universe back on track, the planned Suicide Squad sequel has now brought on board two new writers. Director Gavin O’Connor is taking over from David Ayer and will be part of the screenwriting process, but David Bar Katz and Todd Stashwick have also been assigned to the film.


Katz reportedly caught the attention of the DC higher-ups after penning his script that landed on the Black List, The Man In The Rockafeller Suit. He also has a myriad of projects in the works, including Chasing Phil with Robert Downey Jr. attached, he’s the head writer of the new Spawn film, and is also writing the stage production of The History Of Invulnerability, which depicts the creation of Superman.


Stashwick is actually an actor by trade, but has also worked behind the scenes on Fox’s TV series, Gotham, as well as Syfy’s short lived 12 Monkeys series. Upon accepting this job, he was quick to assure fans that he’s a lifelong fan of DC comics, and has every intention of doing each member of Suicide Squad justice with his take on the characters.


Katz, Stashwick and O’Connor are in a pretty comfortable position considering that the first Suicide Squad film was met with such poor reviews that surely they can only improve on that blunder with this sequel. Where the first film was a lazy, banal team-up film intended to introduce the characters to the DCEU, hopefully the sequel can craft something a little more compelling.



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