Warner Bros. Eyes ‘It’ Director To Replace Departed Doug Liman On ‘Justice League Dark’ | Film News


With director Doug Liman (Edge Of Tomorrow) stepping away from Justice League Dark, citing scheduling issues, Warner Bros. now have another problem on their hands in regards to the film, which has already had an arduous pre-production process and has been stuck in development hell for years.


The studio is already moving swiftly to find a replacement, with Andres Muschietti a possible frontrunner. Muschietti is the director of the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King‘s It, and if he was the direction the studio decided to go in, they could do far worse. Muschietti has a horror background – the aforementioned film and also 2013’s Mama – and Justice League Dark has plenty of horror elements in it.


For those that don’t know, Justice League Dark is a team of superheroes that often investigate more paranormal threats and foes as opposed to the regular Justice League‘s dealings with the usual evil super villains.


The problem might be that if Muschietti’s It is a hit, a sequel will likely be commissioned and he’d perhaps want to return to finish telling the story, since it’s naturally a two-part tale anyway.


This is becoming familiar ground for Warner Bros., whose split with Liman insinuates that the production issues that have plagued Justice League Dark are continuing, and while they may want to quickly hire a new director in order to move the process along quickly, they might find it a little trickier than expected.



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