Warner Bros. Hires Writers To Develop Wile E. Coyote Project | Film News


The latest reboot of a classic property from Hollywood is set to revolve around a character who hasn’t had much luck. Warner Bros. will be hoping that changes, as the studio is reportedly in the process of developing a feature film centred around famous Looney Tunes character, Wile E. Coyote.


Per Deadline, the studio has hired Jon and Josh Silberman (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) to write the script, while Chris McKay (The LEGO Batman Movie) is also on board as a producer.


The film is set to be titled Coyote Vs. ACME, in reference to Wile E.’s numerous attempts to purchase contraptions from the ACME Corporation in his hunt for the roadrunner, only to be thwarted by shoddy machinery each time.


While there aren’t many details regarding specifics of the film, the title implies that perhaps the character will finally get to fight back at the company that has wronged him so many times. Despite Looney Tunes‘ popularity, this will surprisingly only be the third feature film of the franchise, following 1996’s Space Jam and 2003’s Looney Tunes: Back In Action.


It isn’t the only film related to the franchise in development though, as Warner Bros. have also been working on a Space Jam sequel for some time, reportedly revolving around LeBron James with Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin in line to helm the film. However it was reported earlier this month that Lin had dropped out and up-and-coming director Terence Nance was in advanced talks to replace him.


We’ll wait for more news to emerge regarding Coyote Vs. ACME, and hopefully with some interesting creators behind it, it has a chance to be really rewarding. But it’s yet another reminder that Hollywood studios now live and die almost solely by their ability to reboot popular content from the past in some form.



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