Was The Nike Air Huarache Re-Release 2014’s Marmite Moment | Fashion News


2014 was the year that the Huarache hit our high streets with a vengeance and certainly had a lot of heads turning and mostly for the wrong reasons. If you’re a trainers buff then you’d know that the Huaraches originally came out over 20 years ago and were re-released this year for £85 by Nike. You’re either in one of two camps: You either love the Huaraches and would pay over the odds. That’s right, on eBay at present the trainers are being sold for £145 by sellers as the Triple Black Huarache has sold out! That’s a 60% mark up! Now if you’re a fanatic about a fresh pair of kicks then these would certainly make you stand out from the crowd. But if you’re not a fan, then you’re in the other camp and dislike everything about the Huarache. You’d probably turn your nose up, if someone gave them to you. And that’s cool. To be honest, it’s good to see Nike reviving classics giving them a 21st century look. But if you do buy them, you certainly are a maverick, be prepared for the torrent of abuse!



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