‘Wasting My Love’ Is The Brand New Single From Jake Isaac | Music News

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‘Wasting My Love’ Is The Brand New Single From Jake Isaac | Music News


Jake Isaac is spreading his musical talent and now more than ever, he has become unstoppable. He was born and raised in South London UK, growing up with a strong yearning for music and knowing as a teenager that it would be his path. This desire led him to learn percussion, bass and piano and involve him as much as possible in the music scene.


Furthermore, after releasing 6 independent EPs, he started recording what would become his debut album in 2016. This was the launch of his career and since then, he has begun to receive wide recognition from some relevant artists such as Elton John. By only rearranging his thinking, Jake is cutting his own space in the indie rock scene with his innovative sounds.


“Wasting My Love” is Jake’s latest song, released on November 8, which gives voice to his talent that is accompanied by rhythmic soul vibrations able to leave an impact on first hearing. His rock attitude is the secret ingredient of his soul pop sounds.


The strong and passionate melody hides a lyric that goes beyond the expectations, “Don’t go wasting my love” is a sweet pray to his lover, who doesn’t recognize the importance of his feelings. The Power of this song is driven by his voice, perfectly echoed by the broad drums and thumping guitars that can’t hold the energy that the artist is able to share with his listener.


Listen to the single below:




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