Watch A Clip Of New Boss Chris Chibnall Criticising Classic ‘Doctor Who’ Writers | TV News

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Watch A Clip Of New Boss Chris Chibnall Criticising Classic ‘Doctor Who’ Writers | TV News

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Oh, the irony. It appears new Doctor Who producer Chris Chibnall wasn’t always as positive about his new-found project, for a rather coincidental clip has emerged which shows the Broadchurch creator openly criticising the 1986 series with 6th Doctor Colin Baker. As a then-member of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, Chibnall was invited on air to discuss the recently aired series which featured finale episode The Trial of a Time Lord.


When asked to share his views with then-Doctor Who writers Pip and Jane Baker listening via satellite, Chibnall certainly spared no mercy:  “It doesn’t seem to have much to it, it hasn’t improved that much since it went off air. It could have been a lot better. It could have been slightly better written and it was very clichéd. It very routine, running up and down corridors and silly monsters“.


He didn’t stop there, for the future Doctor Who heir openly admitted he wasn’t keen on then-companion Mel Bush (Bonnie Langford); disapproving of her panto acting style: “She is admittedly a very good actress“, Chris said, adding: “She just needs to restrain herself a bit more. She seems very theatrical at the moment“.


Now the shoe’s on the other foot, here’s hoping Chibnall won’t generate this kind of criticism himself when he takes over from Steven Moffat in 2017. Watch the clip below, Chibnall speaks at 2:04-2:43 in case you don’t recognise him!




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