Watch Bryan Cranston’s ‘My Super Sweet 16’ Spoof | TV News



Bryan Cranston will probably always be remembered for his role as the science-teacher turned megalomaniac meth dealer Walter White. The gritty and hard-hitting nature of the character makes it easy to forget the actor’s chops for comedy, which he has flaunted in various situations time and time again. From his initial appearance as hapless dad Hal in Malcolm in the Middle to his most recent role as Po’s father in Kung Fu Panda, he has proven that he’s cut out for both serious and comedic atmospheres.


We finally get to see that side again thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, who dedicated a major part of his show portraying Cranston’s apparent “Super Sweet 60th”. As expected, the majority of the sketch is filled with all the conventions from the ridiculous MTV show. Parent-child sass, tantrums, demands, and ridiculous situations all folding into one explosive and expensive celebration. Let’s just say the more you watch it the more entertaining it gets, we even get a throwback thanks to Sisqo!




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