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Daisy Ridley


Considering Daisy Ridely is a self-confessed Star Wars fanatic, it’s hardly difficult to imagine her elation when first hearing the theme song for her character Rey. In a behind the scenes clip, long-time Star Wars composer John Williams provides an insight on how he composed Rey’s Theme by taking inspiration from the original trilogy and combining it with new melodies that best suited her character.


Topping the clip off, Ridely herself makes an appearance to hear her beloved melody; showcasing her gratitude and amazement with a beaming grin. When describing the impression the theme portrays of Rey, Williams explained: “When you first meet her, she’s alone, she’s been without her parents. I felt a lot of empathy for that girl. I think Rey’s Theme needs to illustrate that”.


He continued, revealing her song wasn’t intended to convey the impression of a heroic character: “Her theme has a musical grammar that is not heroic. It’s kind of an adventure theme that maybe promises more than resolving itself in the most major, triumphant resolutions”. See Williams talking about his creation and Ridley’s reaction (0:50-1:28) below; where you can also listen to Rey’s Theme.





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