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Watch Dakota Johnson And Leslie Mann Hit On A Reporter | Film News



Every now and then actors find themselves stuck in hotel rooms with the tedious task of answering the same questions on a loop. Recently, this was Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann, and after what had probably been a rather monotonous day of promoting their new comedy How To Be Single, the actresses decided to switch things up a bit.


The hilarious duo took what would have been a standard press-junket interview to a whole new level when they began to unashamedly flirt with the attractive reporter, Chris Van Vliet from WSVN in Miami. But really, can you blame them? The whole spectacle began with the actresses complimenting Van Vliet on his choice of socks, and then moving on to questions about his workout routine.


“Do you work out a lot?” Johnson asks the clearly amused Van Vliet. “You look like you pump. Iron”. Well from there, any hopes of a bog standard interview were completely flushed out. Not that I care, I only wish that more interviews were this light and easy-going. Watch how they convince him to unbutton his shirt below, it will be the most delightful thing you see all day.




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