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Everyone’s Going to Die (2013)


The great thing about the indie movie genre is that it is not restricted by the usual constraints of genre. When money is the only restriction, tenacious filmmakers such as British directing collective Jones must be truly inspired by story telling. Everyone’s Going to Die has been described as an existential rom-com, an indie comedy and a crime, platonic love story. It already sounds fascinating.


The movie was made in 2013 and is due for release in a few days time on the 26th of June. The story follows Ray (Rob Knighton) who is suspiciously employed as some sort of hit-man and Melanie (Nora Tschirner) a young German woman living in Folkstone. Ray is facing an awkward homecoming after the death of his estranged brother and Melanie has moved for a fiance she seems reluctant to marry. The pair form the cornerstone of indie plots, an unlikely friendship, their combined crisis’ set against a bleak backdrop that represents their melancholy and features weird sub characters that enhance the theme of alienation and loneliness.


Despite the description, the trailer released earlier this year showed some genuine and funny moments, witty and sensitive performances from Knighton and Tschirner and a tender hopefulness that will no doubt be the making of this film. Filmmakers Jones discussed their movie with Indiewire as it made the film festival circuit in 2013:


Two lonely people who find and help each other in unexpected ways. Those times in life when it seems suddenly short…….. In the bigger picture it’s about mortality and loneliness. We wanted to have a look at those things without the film itself becoming depressing, which is how you come back around to someone who thinks their dead husband has been reincarnated as a cat, for example“.


This new clip reinforces the key relationship of the movie, showing us the scene where the two characters meet in a cafe then follows up with a car scene. The pair discuss Ray’s brother, his moral duty to pay his respects and his estranged family’s unlikely faith in Wicca, something that will no doubt make for some funny scenes hinted at in the trailer. Watch the clip and full trailer below.




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